The Best Program of Tree Trimming in Utica IL Starts with Us!

If you are a homeowner and care about your exterior design and landscape, you know already the importance of contracting a reliable lawn care and tree service company which treats you and your greenery with the outmost respect and professionalism. However, Utica IL tree trimming programs are our specialty and have been for decades. The founders of the company always believed that the best people for a job are the ones who learn everything about their field and become experts in their niche. From this point of view, one of the founders is still participating to trainings and seminars on the latest technologies and scientific developments in this field and he encourages all our staff members to become licensed practitioners.

Tree Trimming Utica ILIt may sound funny, but we are among the very few companies which pride themselves in having Certified Arborists among their team members and we are the only Bureau County Company to have two such certified specialists among us. But are we any good? After all these years, you can just take a look around your neighborhood and you will see our work in the shape of lush gardens, healthy lawns, outstanding trees and shrubs and many happy residents who are happy to call us friends. Besides being one of the oldest tree companies in the area, we have a reputation that precedes us and plays the role of a business card for the clients who don’t know us yet.

Complete Tree Trimming Programs for all Utica IL Residents!

So far it looks like we just brag about us being the best tree trimmers in the state, but you need more than that, don’t you? Our tree services include, besides the regular tree cutting service, deep root feeding and fertilization, tree enrichment, tree improvement (thinning), elevating, cabling, bracing, air spading, fungal and pest control and management, inspection and/or removal of girdling roots and many more.

While many homeowners insist on having perfectly mowed lawns and impeccable flower beds, giving your trees the attention and care they deserve is a major contribution to the sustainability and long-term health of your lawn and garden. Beyond the aesthetic purpose of having tall, resistant, beautiful and healthy trees, keeping them at their maximum development potential ensures that the micro system you create on your property thrives season after season, in an ecological, safe manner.

But you don’t have to take our word for anything. Call us today or send us a written request and you will receive a free estimate. From that point on, if you choose so, we will come up with a personalized plan for your landscape and we will implement our tree service adjusted to your wishes and needs. In case you are not happy with the results, our guarantee program allows you to call us back and redo the jobs free of charge. Our main goal is to have completely satisfied customers and to build long-term reliable relationships with you, so be sure we will give our 110% to turn your landscape in the paradise you always dreamed of!