Professional Tree Trimming in Princeton IL Has Never Been Easier

Princeton IL is the perfect place to settle and thrive, build a house and develop a landscape to fill your hearts with joy. If you take a walk around, you will see perfectly mowed lawns, lush gardens and turfs, excellent tree trimming and healthy patches of natural heaven that make their owners proud and envied. How does one reach this level of harmony and health for their lawns, flowers and trees? They call us in, the best Princeton IL tree trimming service money can buy!

Tree Trimming Princeton ILThe Trees & Turf Lawn Care Company was founded by a visionary man who taught his son about the beauty, the responsibility and the pride to work with nature and since 1966, our company is thriving together with the properties we service! We don’t provide our clients just with a tree cutting service, but with complete care programs that include, but are not restricted to tree trimming. We have Certified Arborists among our staff and all our team members are regularly participating to training sessions, conferences in the field, educational programs that teach them about the latest technologies, trends and materials to be used in the benefit of our clients.

Our complete tree service programs include fertilization and nutrition, deep root feeding, root strengthening, tree enrichment, tree improvement-thinning, elevating, cabling, bracing, pest and fungal control and management and many more!

Put us to the test and see for yourself we are the best tree company around!

We are indeed one of the oldest tree companies in the area, but you can convince yourself we put our expertise and scientific background where our mouth is by testing us yourself. You can call or write to us for a free estimate and then let us do our magic. If you need extended care programs, you are in the right place, as we offer landscaping services, lawn care and pest control programs, besides the full tree services. We will walk you through every step of the personalized care plan we create for you, start implementing all the necessary actions, evaluate and adjust, until your property reaches its full developmental potential and you are completely satisfied with the results.

We also guarantee our work, as this is the way we managed to build trust and long term relationships with our clients, by standing behind our promises. Is there something that bothers you? Are you displeased with some of the results? Don’t be shy in asking us to come back and fix whatever makes you unhappy about your trimmed trees and your lawn: we will do it free of charge, so you have nothing to worry about. Call us today and let us prove we are the best tree company you want to work with!