Do You Want the Most Reliable Service of Tree Trimming, Peoria Heights IL Residents? We Are a Phone Call Away!

As one of the oldest tree companies in the area, we have witnessed the development of the Peoria Heights community and we are proud to say we had a small contribution to it too. We may have not played a role in the infrastructure management, but we surely helped turn many of the Peoria Heights properties into incredible patches of paradise, so that their owners truly feel like home. Our Peoria Heights IL tree trimming programs have helped homeowners to create and enjoy lush landscapes and healthy ecological micro systems where every blade of grass, every flower and every shrub finds its place and functions in full harmony. And what is better than coming home to your own heaven, what is more fulfilling than spending happy times with your friends and family surrounded by a healthy environment where nature gives its best?

Tree Trimming Peoria Heights ILOur full tree service programs include personalized projects which are created to satisfy the wishes and the needs of every home owner, in full accordance with the needs of every plant on the premises. Your trees may need deep root feeding or fertilization and plant nutrition, or macro – infusions. As a certified tree company, with decades of experience and licensed arborists as team members, we can offer you our advice and dedication in order to have your greenery thriving year after year. A complete plan may also include tree enrichment and tree improvement, air spading, elevation, cabling, bracing or inspection and removal of girdling roots. Our licensed experts can give you their professional advice on fertilization, fungal and pest control and they will all work so that you obtain the best results.

Our main goal is to create an environment on your property that is both healthy and thriving, so we will use personalized nutrition and fertilization packages that will keep the environment safe. We are not just tree trimmers and we don’t just offer a simple tree cutting service. We work together with you and nature itself, so your property becomes the most envied residence in the area.

Why should you contract our service of tree trimming, Peoria Heights IL homeowners?

One reason would be the fact that we put our work, expertise and efforts where our mouth is. Taylor’s is one of the few companies that continuously invest in the expertise of its staff, participating to workshops and seminars on the latest technologies and scientific updates in the field. We work only with licensed professionals and members whose expertise is beyond doubt. By keeping us updated to the latest trends and by learning everything new in the niche allows us to be one step ahead of our competition and present our clients the best innovative solutions that will save them time, effort and even money.

We also run a guarantee program that allows our customers to call us back, no matter what displeases them and have our staff adjust, fix, repair or redo everything that may be wrong. We offer this service at no cost whatsoever, so our clients can rest assured we will not overlook any detail and we will work only for the best results. If not convinced yet, request a free estimate via phone call or contact form and let us take it from there!