Tree Service

Expert Arborist Guidance

Taylor’s Tree Experts and Certified Arborists are capable of diagnosing and treating many types of tree and shrub pests and diseases. Our Arborists take an integrated approach to Total Plant Health Care. Call our office or fill out a contact form and one of our arborists will respond regarding a FREE Assessment ($75 VALUE).

Micro-Trunk Injection Disease Treatments

Integrated pest and disease management includes the use of micro-trunk injections. The injections serve as an important tool in treating pests like Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) and diseases such as Fire Blight Bacteria.

Fertilization and Plant Nutrition

Tree ServiceIt all Starts and Ends with the Plants Foundation. We use deep root feeding, macro-infusions, soil amendments, root care and other selective techniques to promote the growth and vigor of your plants. Using our fertilization and nutrient packages helps your plant to reach its full potential.

Deep Root Feeding

Fertilizers and soil amendments are used to manage your plants needs. They improve bloom and fruit production on plants. Taylor’s recommend yearly fertilizer applications and works with each customer to achieve the desired result of your landscape investment.

Deep root feeding allows the necessary nutrients and soil amendments to reach the tree via strategic application sites of the plant while promoting beneficial root development.


Similar to IV treatments in people, Taylor’s uses macro-infusion to quickly address issues such as chlorosis (iron & manganese deficiency) in oak and maple trees. Chlorosis results in yellowing and defoliation of leaves. Macro-infusion allows the tree to absorb the nutrients faster than deep root feeding and other conventional delivery methods, resulting in noticeable results in a more timely manner.

Macro-Infusion improves aesthetic qualities while also providing time for other cultural practices and treatments to be implemented.

Using an Air-Spade for Improving Root Systems

What’s Going on Below the Surface?
Over 50% of a tree’s living tissue is found below the ground. Often times if problems exist in the tree canopy, the problem is found below ground. The vast majority of a tree’s water and nutrients are located in the top 6″ of soil. Air Spading is a great way to uncover the problems below the surface and improve the overall health of your plants.

When is Air-Spading Beneficial to Trees?

Newly Planted Landscapes
90% of ALL installed plants are planted too deep. When a tree is planted from a pot or ball and burlap they are almost always too deep. This is usually the result of nursery stock, but worsened by improper installation. Trees should be planted so the root flares are above ground. A tree should never look like a telephone pole! Air-Spading allows us to remove the excess dirt around the trunk that is “chocking” the tree.

Established and Mature Trees
Often times mature trees are damaged or effected by human activities and/or Urban environments. Trees anywhere from 3 years to 300 years old can benefit from Air-Spading.

Tree Injections