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Taylor's Offers a Wide Variety of both Residential and Commercial Tree Services.
Taylor's Offers a Wide Variety of both Residential and Commercial Tree Services.

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Diagnosing Tree Problems: Tree Service Princeton, IL Experts’ Short How-To Guide

Trees are one of the most valuable assets you have around the house. Beyond their aesthetic value as part of the landscape design, they contribute a lot to your personal health and the well-being of the environment. Some may think that trees are resilient to all sorts of conditions, as they are nature’s strongest pillars, but they are wrong. Residential trees growing on your property are often exposed to stress, climacteric conditions, pests, diseases or low-quality maintenance effects. If a tree has health problems, you should first make a quick diagnosis so you can ask your professional tree service Princeton, IL experts for help. In fact, they gathered here today to offer us a quick and efficient how-to guide in tree problems diagnosis.
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The History of the Christmas Tree by your Local Tree Service Company

The History of the Christmas Tree by your Local Tree Service CompanyQueen Victoria Christmas Tree Photo

Long, long ago, before people decorated their homes with Christmas trees to make their homes feel festive for the holiday’s, or to have something to put their presents under, the ancient people used evergreens to decorate their homes as they anticipated the coming of spring. During ancient times in the Northern hemisphere, they believed that the sun was a god. They believed that winter came due to their sun being weak and ill.  On the shortest day of the year, known as the winter solstice, which also falls at a time that is close to Christmas, they believed it was a time when their god was starting to be well again and so they celebrated by filling their homes with evergreen boughs. It reminded them of all the green plants that would soon grow again when spring arrived.

Skip a few centuries down the road and later the Christmas tree tradition evolved into bringing the beautiful evergreen tree varieties such as Pine, Fir, and Spruce into the home and decorating them with candles. It is said to believe that the 16th century Protestant, Martin Luther, was taking a stroll and was awed by the twinkling stars amidst the evergreens. He wanted to recapture that scene for his family and did so by bringing an evergreen into their home and decorated its branches with lit candles.

It wasn’t until the mid-1800’s that this tradition was accepted by Americans.  Queen Victoria and her German Prince, Albert, were published in the London News with a sketched illustration of their family standing around a Christmas tree. With her popularity, America quickly caught on to the idea of the Christmas tree tradition and by the late 1800’s Christmas trees and ornaments were quickly on the rise.

It’s crazy to think how far we have evolved from the original reasoning of the evergreen décor during the winter months. Evergreen branches decorating the home in anticipation of spring, the beauty and recreation of stars twinkling amidst the evergreen forests, all the way to jumping on the bandwagon of a public figure.  Today we have endless possibilities for decorating; from freshly cut Pine trees where the sap seeps its way on to your fingertips, all the way to brightly colored artificial pre-lit trees. The options for holiday decorating are plentiful and evolving, but the joy and anticipation the Christmas season brings is unchanging.

Tree Service Dixon, IL Experts on How to Start Your Own Pocket-Sized Orchard

The concept of functional landscapes is not new, but is getting more and more popular by the minute. A quick look into the idea leads you to the conclusion that people want more from their lawns and landscapes than beautiful looks. They want sustainability, functionality, and edible fresh, organic products. This is why you will see many pocket-sized vegetable gardens beautifully included on a property, vertical gardens boasting scented herbs and spices and even small orchards with great benefits. We have gathered today a group of tree service Dixon, IL experts to tell us how and where to begin to develop a pocket-sized orchard on your property as the cold season is the perfect one to begin preparations.
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5 Solutions to Protect Your Young Trees in Winter from Tree Service Peru, IL, Experts

In winter, homeowners are concerned with protecting their lawns and gardens against the cold. The rapid changes in temperature from day to night, heavy snow, freezing and strong winds can damage your trees to the point of killing them. Strong, older trees are more resilient to the weather conditions in winter, especially if they are native species. However, newly planted trees can suffer a great deal in the cold season. This is why tree service Peru, IL experts gathered to share some of their best advice with you on how to protect your young trees in winter.
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Why You Need Professional Tree Service: Dunlap, IL Residents Share Their Reasons

Dunlap, a community where everybody’s happy to live in, would probably be less attractive than it is now without its lush, vibrant and picture-perfect residential landscapes, lawns and gardens. After all, if you happen to own a property in Dunlap, you surely know that all your neighbors pride with their sparkling green turfs and even compete in getting the best lawn, landscape and tree services in the area. While many owners mow their own lawns and do a little gardening, when it comes to tree service Dunlap, IL issues, they all agree on one thing: professional tree service companies are the community’s greatest asset.
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Why Choosing Tree Service Ottawa, IL Experts Is Best for Your Property

Both residential and commercial properties witness a sky rocketing curb appeal the moment they boast a lush landscape, well manicured turf, spectacular blooming colored flowers and a verdant overall surrounding which make anybody say “take my money right now.” While more and more people give up unhealthy urban surroundings for a house with a garden, when it comes to managing that lawn or garden, things tend to be complicated. Lawn mowing, watering, raking, these are pretty routine lawn maintenance tasks and some homeowners are more than happy to do them.
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Professional Tree Service Mendota, IL Help the Community Thrive

Mendota, like many other areas in Illinois, has a very good reputation when it comes to its value, both financially and from the high quality of life point of view. Of course, all realtors and investors, together with residential and commercial property owners know that well-manicured landscapes, lawns and tree lines are an important factor in building Mendota’s reputation as an exquisite place to live in. Tree service Mendota, IL specialists do their best in keeping things in their place and add value to the beauty and success of the community.
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Essential Tips Tree Services Utica, IL Professionals Recommend

Trees can beautify and provide benefits to any given community. Nevertheless if left unattended these green friends can lose their appeal and even present health problems. That is why tree service Utica, IL specialists recommend that for the sake of both the community and the greenery, trees should undergo careful maintenance work. Here is what Utica, IL property-owners should consider as regards a healthy development for their trees.
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Important Solutions Tree Service Spring Valley, IL Given By Specialists

Amongst nature’s many gifts, trees are just one of the most essential bearings. Their benefits are many ranging from anti-pollution capabilities, improving aesthetics and, of course, providing oxygen. But these are just a few from a vast array of assets. Tree service Spring Valley, IL experts offer us their insights on how to properly maintain these beautiful natural treasures.
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Proper Development of Trees Ensured by the Tree Service Dixon, IL Experts

Trees are so valuable for mankind in so many ways. They are a source of oxygen, food and materials, all these making our lives easier. That is why it is essential for home owners to understand the benefits and gifts trees have to offer so to be fully aware of the value of their property and provide it with best care solutions. Professionals in tree service Dixon, IL communities trust can perform a variety of tree services. In order to keep you well-informed we’ve come up with a list of essential treatments your trees can benefit of for a proper, quick and healthy development.
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