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Taylor's Offers a Wide Variety of both Residential and Commercial Tree Services.
Taylor's Offers a Wide Variety of both Residential and Commercial Tree Services.

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Organic Fertilization: Tree Service Dixon, IL Specialists Share their Knowledge

When we talk about summer tree care, we have to talk about proper tree fertilization. Last time, our experts shared their advice and tips in regards to mulching – a mandatory activity meant to nourish and protect all your trees, shrubs, hedges, flowers and bushes during summer. But proper tree care can’t be narrowed down to watering and mulch layering. Sometimes your trees need soil amendments to keep them healthy and thriving all summer long – benefiting from weed and pest protection in the same time. Today, our tree service Dixon, IL specialists want to offer you a quick guide on tree organic fertilization to help new trees grow healthily and older trees properly establish in your overall landscape.

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Best Tree Mulching Advice for Summer: Tree Service Utica, IL Share Their Tips

Gardening, lawn care and landscaping are extraordinary activities which need dedication, effort, time and some skills. When it comes to maintaining your property throughout the hot summer season one of the most important things you need to focus on is fertilization and protection. Today our tree service Utica, IL specialists want to focus on an important type of protective measure to keep your trees healthy and thriving during the summer: mulching. We have talked about tree protection in the summer before, but this time we will get into the specifics of proper mulching as one of the easiest, healthiest and cheapest ways to make sure your trees get the protection they need.

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Watering advice from expert Arborist in Ottawa Illinois.

The Illinois Valley recently received anywhere from three to seven inches of water, which was well needed, because we’ve been in somewhat of a drought. Summer is about to kick off here on Tuesday, and praise God we got some rain. I wanted to give you a gentle reminder that just because we got some rain, don’t stop watering those trees and lawns.

With the forecast ahead and the stress that all the trees have gone through to date, our arborist in Ottawa says we really need to stay up on watering our trees and lawns. If you have a newly planted tree by Taylor’s or yourself, I would recommend at least watering it two to three times a week with a slow trickle. If you have a five gallon bucket you could always use that, as well. And don’t forget your mature trees, a slow trick or sprinkler around the base of your big trees can make a big difference.

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Summer Tree Care: Tree Service Mendota, IL Specialists’ Guide on Prevention and Maintenance

Summer is close by and just like you trees will soon get bothered by the high temperatures, thirst and never-ending heat side effects. A summer – long tree care program includes a few mandatory activities and many preventative actions which will keep your young and old trees safe from the heat, pests, drought, weeds and other similar problems. Our tree service Mendota, IL specialists, together with their tree service Oglesby, IL colleagues have put together a short guide on summer prevention and maintenance tasks to achieve proper tree care.

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How to Take Care of Your Fruit Trees This Spring: Tree Service Mendota, IL Experts’ Advice

Not so long ago, we covered the topics of small orchard installations on your property and early spring tree care and diagnostics. Our readers were very much interested in tips, tricks and advice from our tree service Mendota, IL experts on how to manage their fruit trees these months and what should they know in order to have bountiful and healthy fruit trees all year long. Our tree service Peru, IL colleagues gave them a hand in putting together a short how-to guide on fruit trees management and spring care, so let’s see what they all have to say.

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Spring Tree Care: Tree Service Oglesby, IL Pros Share Their Knowledge

A while back, we talked about diagnosing tree problems and health issues you should be aware of. Today, we will take things a bit further and focus on spring tree care – and essential activity meant to keep all the trees on your property healthy and thriving. You may grow decorative trees, fruit trees or native ones for shade and privacy – they all need the same care, respect, and consideration, as they are indeed nature’s pillars and some of your most precious natural assets. Spring comes not only with sun rays, blooming shrubs, countless flower blossoms and sparkling green turf blades. It also comes with a few issues you need to address immediately. We gathered today a handful of tree service Oglesby, IL pros to offer you a short guide on how to take care of your trees in early spring.

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Raffle Winner from Lawn Service Company in Ottawa Illinois!

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Taylor’s Trees & Turf held a raffle in the month of March to reward their clients for the wonderful reviews that have been given over the past few months.  The reviews highlight how clients of Taylor’s are truly happy with the professional lawn care and tree care services they have received from the top rated company in Ottawa, Peru, Princeton, Kewanee and surrounding areas.

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3 Trees for Small Yards: Tree Service Peru, IL Experts on New Landscaping Trends

A small back yard or garden doesn’t allow for trees to take up too much space, but certainly they need at least one or two trees to look perfect. Our tree service Peru, IL specialists, together with their landscaping Oglesby, IL colleagues identified a few fresh 2016 landscaping trends for small gardens, lawns and yards. Such trends evolve around creating a centerpiece, a focal point if you like, with the help of one tree – or an interesting row of trees.

The trick in creating a gorgeous landscape in a small garden in this manner is to pick trees that don’t spread an invasive root system. Moreover, you can brilliantly employ a landscape lighting system to turn the trees into veritable garden jewels. You can also build a deck around a tree’s trunk and create a small but charming outdoor living space. » Read More

Spring Cleaning Tips from your Local Arborist

Spring is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! Trees budding, grass sprouting, perennials awakening from their winter sleep, we can almost smell that freshly cut grass. Along with all of those wonderful things we have been patiently (or some of us impatiently) waiting for all winter, comes some of the things we also dread the most: weeds and undesirable grasses. Here are some ways you can prepare your lawn and garden so you can get the maximum enjoyment of all spring has to offer. » Read More

3 Trees to Revamp Your Property: Tree Service Kewanee, IL Experts’ Tips

One of the easiest ways to fully revamp the looks of your property is to plant flowers and trees. You can make-over the landscape in plenty of ways if you consult with your local tree service Kewanee, IL company, as they can recommend you the best varieties for your property and can advise you on how and where to plant them for best results. If you also consult with a landscaping architect to find the best use of your new trees, you can achieve a spectacular lawn and landscape with little effort. Let’s look at three trees which will turn your property into a lush patch of Heaven in the years to come.

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