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Taylor's Offers a Wide Variety of both Residential and Commercial Tree Services.
Taylor's Offers a Wide Variety of both Residential and Commercial Tree Services.

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Lawn Care – Ottawa, IL Professionals Share Smart Tips For Pest Control

Dealing with garden or lawn pests is always a component of lawn care. Ottawa, IL lawn specialists claim that it’s a perennial problem for a lot of property owners, especially for those who are not diligent with cleanliness and maintenance. There’s very little, really, that can be done about those tiny insects that are drawn to grass because it’s food for them.

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Prep Your Trees against Pests this fall: Tree Service Kewanee IL Experts’ Beginner Guide

It is always better to prevent than to treat. This is a common practice in almost all fields, including landscaping, lawn care, and tree maintenance. Your trees and shrubs are the pillars that sustain the entire micro-ecosystem that you call “landscape.” If you are a beginner in owning a property and especially landscape trees, you need to know that early fall comes with both joy and sorrow. The latter is entertained by the fact that this season is the best time for pests and diseases to attack your gorgeous trees. In order to enjoy everything good about early fall, our tree service Kewanee are here to offer you a quick guide on how to prep your trees against pests and other threats these months. » Read More

Watch Out for the Leaf Spot Disease: Tree Service Mendota IL Specialists’ Advice

All shade and ornamental trees are attacked by one or more fungi causing scattered, definite spots on the leaves in various shapes and patterns. These spots become more visible from late June through August, and this is why you need to keep a close eye on your trees this summer. Tree foliage problems can be triggered by a great number of environmental factors, but the leaf spot disease is one of the most dangerous culprits you need to control. While a few spots here and there don’t pose a serious threat, leaf spot diseases starting early in the growing season can lead to premature defoliation. Today, our tree care Mendota IL specialists are here to offer you some information and advice on the leaf spot disease. » Read More

5 Epsom Salt Uses for Trees and Shrubs: Tree Service Dunlap IL Pros’ Share their Tips

Epsom Salt represents an organic mineral – hydrated magnesium sulfate. It has been used for hundreds of years as a home remedy and as of late it is used as an organic fertilizer and soil amendment. Epsom Salt compensates for magnesium deficiencies in the soil and plants and it is often used to boost crops (peppers and tomatoes) or to boost blossoms in roses and other flowers. However, Epsom Salt has plenty of benefits for trees and shrubs as well. Today, our tree service Dunlap IL are here to talk to you about some interesting uses of Epsom Salt for hardy vegetation, trees, shrubs, and hedges. » Read More

Inorganic Ground Covers to Protect Your Trees With: Tree Service Peru, IL Experts’ Tips

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner so it is only natural to think about trees’ and shrubs’ protection against weather extremes, weeds and pests. We have talked about organic mulches and preventative measures against heat or frost, but today we will take a look at things from a double point of view: tree protection AND landscaping. Usually, ground covers play both roles in the same time, acting as barriers and aesthetic enhancements for your trees and shrub plantations. Today, our tree service Peru, IL specialists want to present you with three important inorganic groundcovers (mulches) for both function and looks when it comes to spring and summer tree care. » Read More

6 Organic Mulch Types Recommended by our Tree Service Peru, IL Team

Last time we have talked about sustainable approaches to tree care, emphasizing on the plantation of native trees, sustainable irrigation and fertilization. Since fertilization, protection and preservation of resources are major concern topics, our tree service Peru, IL team decided today to present you with six organic mulch types to hydrate, fertilize and safeguard your trees all year long. » Read More

Sustainable Landscape Principles in 2017: Tree Service Utica, IL Specialists’ Advice

In the last years, sustainability has become more than a buzz word, but a value and principle people are embracing in their building and maintenance projects. But given the issues related to climate change and preservation of resources we cannot ignore, sustainability has become a concept fully applied to lawn care, gardening and landscaping. We see more and more projects involving lawn size reductions, the use of intelligent and tech-centric irrigation systems, organic cultivation of edible gardens, and so on. But no landscape is complete without trees to keep the soil in place, to offer shade and become true focal points on your property. Today, our tree service Utica, IL specialists are here to discuss the major trends in sustainable landscaping revolving around tree plantation and tree maintenance.

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How to Deal with the Webworm Nests this fall: Tree Service Peru, IL Pros’ Tips

If you just moved in a new house and own a property, one of the first things that you will enjoy this time of year are the gorgeous colors of trees and shrubs, the tantalizing scents of flowers and the spectacular beauty covering the land. However, you might also notice some ugly-looking web cocoons in your trees looking like nests. In case you didn’t know, these are webworm nests and they are pretty common for fruit trees in Illinois. Today, our tree service Peru, IL will share some of their tips and recommendations regarding the control of webworms and their nests this fall. » Read More

How to Care for Your Fruit Trees this fall: Tree Service Dunlap, IL Experts Share Their Tips

Picking your own ripe fruit from your own fruit trees compares to nothing in the world. Homeowners in love with their orchards know that fruit trees don’t only offer them fresh and tantalizing produce to enjoy, but also a superb landscape of colored sweet gems and autumn leaves, in a symphony of shade and fragrance that is truly incomparable. And since fall is the season to pick most fruits and prepare the trees for winter, our tree service Dunlap, IL experts are here today to share some of their tips and expert advice on how to proceed in early fall to ensure your trees’ health and strength. » Read More

Protecting Your Trees during a Heat Wave – Tree Service Mendota, IL Pros’ Advice

While resilient even to extreme heat and weather conditions, trees, just like humans, need to be kept safe when faced with an upcoming heat wave. Experienced landowners and gardeners know they should always keep an eye on the weather forecasts to be prepared to handle a few days of extreme heat. However, sometimes such waves slip our attention and take us by surprise. Today, our tree service Mendota, IL specialists have gathered to offer their advice on how to properly protect and care for your trees during a heat wave.

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