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Taylor's Offers a Wide Variety of both Residential and Commercial Tree Services.
Taylor's Offers a Wide Variety of both Residential and Commercial Tree Services.

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How A Dedicated Tree Service Peoria Heights IL Locals Hire Can Benefit Homes and Commercial Properties

Landscaping makes any property several times more attractive. There’s something about the appearance of a lush carpet of green grass, a row of neatly trimmed bushes, a riot of colorful blooms and the gentle stirring of a stately tree’s branches in the afternoon breeze that makes a place look more inviting, relaxing, and well cared for. Given a chance, wouldn’t you prefer verdant surroundings over a concrete urban environment?

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Practical Lawn Care – Princeton IL Homeowners Share Yard Care Tips That Save Time and Money

The owner of the world’s most beautiful lawn (he has the awards to prove it) spends six days a week, or a total of 30 hours on the average, on keeping his prize green the greenest and prettiest of them all. He also forbids his wife to step on the turf, and sends his own son away to the football field up the street to play because playing ball on the lawn is absolutely out of the question.

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The Rewards Of Dedicated Lawn Care – Ottawa, IL Garden And Lawn Specialists Cite 4

Most American households are known to spend anywhere from $5,000 to $9,000 annually for professional lawn care and maintenance. Those who have never lived in a property with a big yard or garden probably would not understand why a considerable amount of money would be dedicated to soil care, grass and plants, but those who do spend such an amount for the purpose claim that it’s all completely worth it.

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Professional Lawn Care: Peru, IL Services You Should Be Getting Today

It is probably human nature to not think about something significantly until it becomes a big problem. Case in point: your yard. Only when it starts to resemble the wild jungles of South America will you begin to think about it. Before then, you probably never gave much thought to the increasing weed growth and brown patches on your turf.

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Lawn Care – Ottawa, IL Professionals Share Smart Tips For Pest Control

Dealing with garden or lawn pests is always a component of lawn care. Ottawa, IL lawn specialists claim that it’s a perennial problem for a lot of property owners, especially for those who are not diligent with cleanliness and maintenance. There’s very little, really, that can be done about those tiny insects that are drawn to grass because it’s food for them.

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Prep Your Trees against Pests this fall: Tree Service Kewanee IL Experts’ Beginner Guide

It is always better to prevent than to treat. This is a common practice in almost all fields, including landscaping, lawn care, and tree maintenance. Your trees and shrubs are the pillars that sustain the entire micro-ecosystem that you call “landscape.” If you are a beginner in owning a property and especially landscape trees, you need to know that early fall comes with both joy and sorrow. The latter is entertained by the fact that this season is the best time for pests and diseases to attack your gorgeous trees. In order to enjoy everything good about early fall, our tree service Kewanee are here to offer you a quick guide on how to prep your trees against pests and other threats these months. » Read More

Watch Out for the Leaf Spot Disease: Tree Service Mendota IL Specialists’ Advice

All shade and ornamental trees are attacked by one or more fungi causing scattered, definite spots on the leaves in various shapes and patterns. These spots become more visible from late June through August, and this is why you need to keep a close eye on your trees this summer. Tree foliage problems can be triggered by a great number of environmental factors, but the leaf spot disease is one of the most dangerous culprits you need to control. While a few spots here and there don’t pose a serious threat, leaf spot diseases starting early in the growing season can lead to premature defoliation. Today, our tree care Mendota IL specialists are here to offer you some information and advice on the leaf spot disease. » Read More

5 Epsom Salt Uses for Trees and Shrubs: Tree Service Dunlap IL Pros’ Share their Tips

Epsom Salt represents an organic mineral – hydrated magnesium sulfate. It has been used for hundreds of years as a home remedy and as of late it is used as an organic fertilizer and soil amendment. Epsom Salt compensates for magnesium deficiencies in the soil and plants and it is often used to boost crops (peppers and tomatoes) or to boost blossoms in roses and other flowers. However, Epsom Salt has plenty of benefits for trees and shrubs as well. Today, our tree service Dunlap IL are here to talk to you about some interesting uses of Epsom Salt for hardy vegetation, trees, shrubs, and hedges. » Read More

Inorganic Ground Covers to Protect Your Trees With: Tree Service Peru, IL Experts’ Tips

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner so it is only natural to think about trees’ and shrubs’ protection against weather extremes, weeds and pests. We have talked about organic mulches and preventative measures against heat or frost, but today we will take a look at things from a double point of view: tree protection AND landscaping. Usually, ground covers play both roles in the same time, acting as barriers and aesthetic enhancements for your trees and shrub plantations. Today, our tree service Peru, IL specialists want to present you with three important inorganic groundcovers (mulches) for both function and looks when it comes to spring and summer tree care. » Read More