Lawn Care Services

Weed Suppression

Lawn CareUtilizing the best weed suppression products and application equipment puts Taylor’s a step above the rest when it comes to Weed Control & Weed Suppression.

Broadleaf Weed Suppression
Most common weeds found in a lawn are treated by a foliar broadleaf weed suppression. Taylor’s utilizes the best and newest application equipment in order to provide the most uniform coverage to provide weed suppression. Using the newest technology reduces environmental concerns related to drift and run-off caused by less superior equipment.

Taylor’s has even contributed in engineering changes to our suppliers equipment based upon expert feedback and analysis we provide.

Targeted Weed Suppression
Some weeds, such as violets or strawberry vines, require a more targeted weed suppression in order to combat the problem. Taylor’s conitinually evaluates the status of your lawn and recommends any targeted weed suppression applications that may be necessary.

Crabgrass Suppression
One of the greatest nucances in a lawn is spring and summer crab grass. Taylor’s provides the best material and application techniques for both pre-emergence and post-emergence suppression of crab grass.

Core Aeration

Core aeration is an important part of developing the best possible lawn. “Coring” is the process of removing plugs of grass and soil in a lawn to reduce compaction, promote grass root growth and ultimately increase the density of a lawn. Coring is a great suppliment to nutrient and weed control applications to achieve the highest quality lawn. Coring is often done in conjuction with overseeding or slit seeding of a lawn, both of which are services provided by Taylor’s Trees and Turf.