People who love a natural Christmas tree during the holidays have now more means than ever to dispose of it and recycle it in a responsible, thoughtful manner. While the best choice is still a potted tree – to plant in your yard after you removed the decorations – you can do a lot of good with cut Christmas trees as well. Today, our experts in tree service in Peoria IL will explain you a few things about dealing with a Christmas tree in January.

1. Find Tree Drop-off Areas in Your Community

Your city or town government should manage a few Christmas trees’ drops off points, usually found in the proximity of recycling centers. They also may have a schedule in place – specific days for tree pickups, so you do not have to worry about the tree’s transportation. If you choose to dispose of the tree in this manner, our experts in tree services in Peoria IL recommend you make sure there are no ornaments left on the tree, as they usually go to places where they become mulch for parks and urban green areas.

2. Turn the Tree into Mulch

Seasoned homeowners know they can use the Christmas trees as mulch in January as a timely solution to protect their vulnerable plants. Since winter mulch works best after the ground freezes, your Christmas tree is the free solution to your garden needs.

  • You can cut off branches and layer them above the vulnerable plants needing coverage in winter (tender small shrubs, evergreen perennials, bulbs and seedlings, plants so young they could not develop roots before the first frost, etc.).
  • You can clean the branches of the needles and use the needles as mulch. They do not rot quickly, and they decompose slowly. The needle blanket at the base of your plants offers protection against cold, weeds, and pests while nourishing the roots.

3. Use the Branches to make Stakes

If you decided to clean off the needles for mulch, you now have a handful of branches (and a trunk) to use. The timing is excellent, as many leggy plants need support in January against storms and heavy snow. Use the branches to make stakes for the vulnerable plants you keep in the garden. You can also use the trunk to stabilize vines, strengthen a fence, secure some hedges, and so on.

4. Make Firewood

Typically, a recycled Christmas tree makes you think about firewood. However, please keep in mind that our specialists in tree service in Peoria IL warn you to avoid making the fire inside the house. Indoor fireplaces and conifers do not go together at all. On the other hand, if you have an outdoor fireplace and you need wood, your Christmas tree will fare well.

5. Ask our Experts in Tree Service in Peoria IL for Help

If you talk to your team of pros offering tree service in Peoria IL, ask them about other solutions you might try to recycle your Christmas tree. You may use the needles (separate from the branches) for winter compost, or you can drop the entire tree in a pond or lake on your property to make an excellent habitat for fish. Our specialists will offer their suggestions depending on the tree, its size, and your possibilities to deal with it sustainably.