Many property owners wrongly believe that experts do not recommend tree trimming and pruning in winter or that professional companies do not offer such services during the cold season. While we know you cannot wait to take a break from your daily lawn maintenance chores, our experts in tree service in Dunlap IL are here to tell you why winter is one of the best times to prune and trim your trees and shrubs. We will talk about some misconceptions and emphasize on the things you need to know and do this time of year to ensure gorgeous blossoming trees come spring.

Main Advantages of Tree Trimming in Winter

According to our tree service Dunlap IL specialists, winter and tree/shrub trimming go hand in hand. Here is why:

  1. The shape and structure of your trees are We know you may feel reluctant to trim your trees in cold and wind, but the essential advantage during this season is that your trees, lacking foliage, reveal all their secrets to you: diseased branches, dead twigs, disease spots on the trunk, branches growing contrary to the overall tree’s growth pattern, etc.
  2. If the ground is iced up, you will have a better opportunity to bring your trimming equipment next to the tree without damaging the landscape.
  3. Since trees are mostly dormant in the winter, your trimming activity will not interfere with their natural processes and evolution (photosynthesis, growth, yield, etc.). While you should limit your tree trimming activities to some trees – we will look at this closer in a moment – winter is an excellent time to prune trees and shrubs ensuring their next season thriving.
  4. Our specialists in tree services in Dunlap IL emphasize the fact that a tree cut represents a wound – vulnerable in the face of thriving pests, bacteria, or fungi. However, in winter, disease and pest activity is liminal, as they are mostly dormant too. In other words, trimming your trees in winter keeps them safer, giving the wounds time to heal until next spring.
  5. Also, if you prune your trees in winter, you are preventing existing diseases from spreading to the healthy parts of the trees – or other vegetation elements in your yard and garden.
  6. Winter pruning and trimming stimulates healthier spring growth. With the dead, diseased, and misshaped branches out of the way, your trees and shrubs can bloom healthily and plentifully next spring.

Best Practices according to our Experts in Tree Service in Dunlap IL

While winter tree trimming is beneficial, you have to limit your activity to only some trees or shrubs. Avoid pruning trees that flower early in the spring – the bloom buds may be set already, and by trimming the trees you will reduce the amount and quality of the blossoming.

Instead of risking your health out there in the cold or some accidents (falling, slipping), you should always count on our team of tree service in Dunlap IL to give you their best suggestions and help you achieve your goals.