About Us

Taylor Lawn Service was started by Clarence “Buster” Taylor and his father Phil Taylor in 1966 primarily as a mowing business. Buster bought his father out when he returned from college in 1973. He took license testing to become a lawn applicator in 1973 and has kept this license current and renewed ever since. He presently has three category licenses, which include Ornamental, Turf and Right of Way.

The Business philosophy is to provide customer satisfaction while working with the unpredictable element called NATURE.

Buster started Elite Landscape with his brother Al Taylor in 1977. They provided total landscape service and lawn spraying applications. Buster later sold his landscaping partnership to Al in 1983 while carrying on the lawn spraying applications with Taylor’s Natural Green Lawn, Inc.

An Agrochemical Containment was built in 1992 as required by the state, and the containment permit has been maintained from 1992 until 2013, with a yearly inspection by the state.

Buster and his brother Dennis both became Certified Arborists with the International Society of Arborists in 2009. Taylor’s is the only Bureau County Company with at least two ISA certified Arborists on staff.

The company services an area of approximately 50-60 miles. Buster, as well as all employees, continue to attend seminars and classes to be up to date on the latest procedures, techniques and products available in order to better provide for our customer’s lawns and trees. Licensed lawn operators include Brian Bader, who has been with the company 26 years, Josh Taylor, Leo Arteaga, Mike Morris, Dennis Taylor and Corbin Hopkins. Office staff includes Kay Taylor and Stacey Ryan. Lawn Services include fertilization, weed management, insecticides, fungicides, aeration/gypsum, mole management and fall lawn renovation. Tree services include tree enrichment, fertilization, fungal & pest management, tree improvement-thinning, elevating, cabling, bracing, air spading and inspection / removal of girdling roots.

With God’s help and guidance the company goal is to grow and service our customers with the best service available, while providing a secure future for the company and the employees.