Residential & Commercial Lawn Care Service
in Dixon, Kewanee, Mendota, Oglesby, Peru, Princeton, Rochelle, Streator, Utica, Ottawa

Taylor’s Trees and Turf was founded by Buster and Kay Taylor in 1973. Taylor’s is the Illinois Valley’s leading lawn care and tree care service provider. Taylor Lawn Service was started by Clarence “Buster” Taylor and his father Phil Taylor in 1966 primarily as a mowing business. Buster bought his father out when he returned from college in 1973. He took license testing to become a lawn applicator in 1973 and has kept this license current and renewed ever since. He presently has three category licenses, which include Ornamental, Turf and Right of Way.

Residential and Commercial Tree Services

Taylor’s Trees and Turf primary objective is to provide efficient and effective Total Plant Health Care to Turf, Trees, Ornamentals and Shrubbery in the safest, economical and most responsible way possible through:

  1. Experienced, trained personnel providing skilled diagnosis and treatment recommendations.
  2. Use of current, proven and safe products and equipment in order to provide the best result to the consumer.
  3. Adherence to local, state, national and international guidelines and licensing requirements in the turf and tree care service industries.
  4. Supporting local government agencies, organizations, municipalities, consumers and suppliers creating a beneficial environment for networking to achieve the common goals.
  5. Continued education in the latest identification, diagnosis, safety, products, equipment and treatment methods.